Insiders' Circle

This is to let people who have the same interests as myself to see some of my pages. But I'm also trying to be inscrutable, so I'm not going to tell you what my interests are.

How can you know if you share common interests with me if I won't tell you where my interests lie? Simple. You tell me what my interests are.

That's right: more links in the form of puzzles. I call these "ThinkLinks". (Instead of "http://www.bla.bla", we could have "think://www.bla.bla".) The questions are designed to be obvious to anyone who knows anything about the subject, but utterly incomprehensible to someone not familiar with the topic.

Anyway, the answers to all of these questions are names of the files,<answer>.html .
I'll also let you enter the answer into a Web browser form. If the HTML file does not exist, it means that you have guessed the wrong answer (ie. the wrong filename).

A series, but not the lanthanide series

What comes next? Potassium, tungsten, ...?

The sequence is: potassium, tungsten,

- - -

Poles in the Left Half Plane, please.

The Fourier transform is just what you get when you substitute a purely imaginary variable into what transform? (Capitalize if necessary.)

If I substitute "i-omega" for "s", in the transform, I get a Fourier transform.

- - -

Pansystolic Murmur

Flow can reverse from the ventricle back into the atrium, causing pulmonary oedema, due to what prolapse? (One word.)

It could be caused by a prolapse.

- - -

TTC: The Better Way

What item is missing from the following list, given in order?

is between College and Queen.

- - -

Now, and at the hour of our death

The Mediatrix of All Graces and Immaculate Conception also has a common everyday English name. What is it?

The name is

- - -

Take-out Double means Length and Strength in Unbid Suits

If your partner bids 5NT according to the Blackwood Convention, he is asking you for the number of kings to determine whether you can make a grand . . . what?

My partner wants to bid a grand

- - -

Function main() should return a value

If you don't reserve enough memory, a function that recursively calls itself can cause what? to overflow.

You could get a overflow error.

- - -

. . . and Aurora, where it all started.

Which item is conspicuously absent from the following list?

The missing item is: (Capitalize.)

- - -

"On My Own, pretending he's beside me . . ."

Prisoner 24601 used an alias while he was town mayor, but what was his real name?

His real first and last names were (Run the two words together to form a 11-letter "word", but leave the two capital letters capitalized.)

- - -

Public Keys and Private Keys

If "PGP" is mentioned in the context of "RSA" (and sometimes "DES"), what does the second "P" in "PGP" stand for?

The second "P" stands for . (Capitalize.)

- - -

More Than Meets The Eye

{Prowl, Jazz, Bumblebee} is to Optimus Prime as
{Starscream, Soundwave, Laserbeak} is to ... ?

The counterpart of Optimus Prime is . (Capitalize.)

- - -

Right Lane Must Exit

What item is missing from the following list, given in order?

is between Bayview and Avenue.

- - -

SVP741 is refusing messages

I belong to a circle of friends whose former pastimes included typing a certain computer command which is partially shown below. What letters complete the command after the hyphen?
m svp853 -

The complete command is: m svp853 -

- - -

Senza sordino

Op. 27 No. 2, described by its famous German creator as "quasi una fantasia", is slow and serene; it is better known as the what? (Run the two words together to form a 15-letter "word"; do not capitalize.)

This work was given the nickname by the publisher.

- - -

We stand on guard for thee

What word follows this quote: "With glowing hearts we see thee"?

The complete quote is: "With glowing hearts we see thee "

- - -

Polygram's Treasure

Oriental performer Mui Yim Fong is also known by which common English name?

Mui Yim Fong's English name is (one word only; capitalize)

- - -

Que idioma habla usted?

Cómo se llama la hora quien viene tres horas después las nueve de la mañana?

Es el . (sin acento)

- - -

There is a place I call my own . . .

"... For now I know what I can be, and now my heart is ... " what?

(Two words; join them to form a single ten-letter "word" with no space in between.)

... and now my heart is

- - -

Caro-Kann Defense

Consider the following sequence:
 1.  f3   e6
 2.  __  Qh4++

What sequence of characters comes before "Qh4++", replacing the underline?

The sequence of characters is: "2. Qh4++"

- - -

"Dinner tonight isn't roast guinea pig, is it?"

I was supposed to go to Quevedo with a group; and there was another group destined for Jipijapa. Instead, we both ended up in what tourist haven?

We stayed in instead. (Capitalize where appropriate.)

- - -

How do you capture the wind on the water?

What type of light completes the following set?
Candlelight, angel-light, firelight and ...

The answer is: candlelight, angel-light, firelight and (one word, no hyphen)

- - -

Que vous comprenniez ce que je dis.

S'il reste quatre heures avant minuit maintenant, quelle heure est-t-il a ce moment? (Il faut préciser l'heure sans dire "du soir" ou "du matin".)

L'horloge de vingt-quatres heures dirait qu'il est heures.

- - -

Failure to play within 5 seconds

"Point of order. If you don't know, figure it out yourself. End point of order."
If someone tells you to "Have a nice day," you could either answer, "Have a very nice day," or else draw a what card?

I could draw a card.

- - -

Llanowar Elves

If forests can be tapped for green, what would you tap for white? (plural)

I would tap for white.

- - -

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Note that this is not an intelligence test. Rather, it is a test of familiarity with various areas of interest. You either know the answers here, or you don't; you could be extremely intelligent and still fail to correctly answer any of the questions. For a true intelligence test, simply follow the link from my true home page. (Your first intelligence test is, of course, to find my true home page.)