What a home page. Boring. No graphics. Nothing interesting here, is there?


This is not my real home page. To get to my real home page, you have to do more than select links with your browser. You have to do something I love to do.

You have to *think*...

Ka Wai Tam

People like to introduce themselves on home pages, and list all their interests and achievements. But somehow, the thought of putting all my personal information out in sight of every stranger who wanders by doesn't really appeal to me. To see if you are a wandering stranger or someone who really wants to find out about me, I have a puzzle for you.

Where in the world is my home page?

Some English words become different English words when spelled backwards. For example, the word "not" spelled backwards is "ton". But there are only two such English words which contain the letter 'S' three times. One of them is "stressed" (which becomes "desserts" when spelled backwards).

What is the other one?

That other word is the filename of my home page. So, if you want to see my home page, go to this URL link:

where you have replaced "<answer>" with the answer to the question. It's a single English word typed in all lower-case letters.

All Shads are expected to follow this link with ease. Others who need a hint can find it here .

Insider's Circle

You are unable to follow the ThinkLink above? Very well, here is a second chance. You may wish to find out whether we have interests in common. Select this link to find out.

More of my pages

This link takes you to some info that may be useful. For people who weren't able to follow the ThinkLink.

Impossible Mystery

A woman is driving a car. A man is sitting beside her. The man is dead.

After a while, the man is alive.

Asking only questions that can be answered with "Yes" or "No", explain what happened.

(The answer involves no magic or other supernatural phenomena. It does not involve religion. There is no reversal of time flow. The passenger is human. The passenger was not acting in a movie. It is possible for this incident to happen in our world as we know it; indeed, it is conceivable that such an event has happened before.)

Personal Data

Given name:
Ka Wai
(Yes, it has a space in the middle. Yes, it is two words. Yes, both words are capitalized.)
Middle name:

(That's right, I have no middle name. No, "Wai" is not my middle name. If your name were John, would you say "hn" was your middle name?)
Family name:
Follow this link to contact me by phone.
Email address:
Home page:
[Given somewhere on this page. Find it.]

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